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The 4eography (four-eography) program began in 2015 when we wanted to offer more exclusive choreography performing opportunities. Since then, we have joyfully offered it every year! The concept is this: Groups of 4-6 members will work exclusively with one instructor to learn and perform a choreography for the Satori Student Showcase.

The intimate setting of the small group makes more space for shenanigans and hilarious interaction, along with more detailed and intricate choreography. All around, this has been a really successful and fun program for both the instructors and dancers. Additionally, because of the smaller group, scheduling is more flexible and there is more individualized attention from the instructor.

Cost: $200 total per person, however, you are welcome to pay $50 now and two $75 payments later (due at the start of your first session and then again halfway through your time together). This includes six hours of time with the instructor. Additional time is available for $15 per hour, per student and can be paid at the time of those meetings. Please know that there will also be costuming required for this performance, but it is decided upon by the group so cost will be dependent on that.
Scheduling: Super flexible, but of course depending on studio and dance-partner availability. Groups will begin rehearsing as soon as July (or later, if that’s what works for your group). The performance will be late fall at the Satori Student Showcase 2018. All members must be able to make it to the performance.
Finding your group: You tell us who you’d like to be placed with or we can find a group for you - either way is fine! Groups will be assigned by early July.

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