If you guessed “Violet”, well, you wouldn’t exactly be wrong

Try this fun combination for a change of pace in your daily drills. Some experience recommended. Isolations include: shoulders, chest lifts, hip lifts, head slides, undulations, and more! Please warm up before executing these movements.

Consult your physician prior to trying these exercises. Satori Violet will not be held liable for any injuries that could occur from participating in this class.

Instructing by Violet Kind of Satori Violet (www.facebook.com/SatoriViolet)
Music in this video is by BiZZARiA (http://bizzaria.bandcamp.com/)
Super awesome pants by Melodia Designs (www.melodiadesigns.com)

Take it a step further! Record yourself doing this combo and post it on Instagram or Facebook using the hashtag: #fusionawesomeness 🙂

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