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Creative Belly Dance

Violet loves fusion belly dance as a means of expression and connection. Her performances are emotive and unusual. In teaching, she specializes in enhancing dancer creativity, technique, and community-building. Violet is the creator of the trademarked dance format, Fly Fusion®. She is a founding member of Dubrikato and the director of The Bleuebellatrix Project.


Satori Violet

Violet opened Satori Violet Belly Dance Co. in the summer of 2011 in her hometown, Mankato, MN. Since then, the studio has blossomed into a beautiful community with multiple regular instructors. Violet teaches here weekly when she is not traveling.

Online Classes

Learn Violet’s signature improvisation format, Fly Fusion®, through an online platform created by her and her company, Satori Violet. Membership includes professionally-produced classes with multiple instructors and topics.

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Certification Program

Dancers from all over are welcome to spend time at Satori Violet and gain certification in up to four phases of Fly Fusion® as either a Practitioner or Teacher. This comprehensive program is Violet’s newest focus.

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