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Hey, Violet Kind here! I created Satori Violet in Mankato, MN in 2011 when I was asked to teach belly dance at a new, local wellness facility. What started as a seemingly small and random opportunity quickly evolved into much, much more. And here's the story!

The construction on the new wellness facility was taking longer than expected, so I taught my first Satori Violet classes in a tiny, carpeted room in a real estate office. We had small mirrors and a little Bose sound system. I offered one beginner technique class and one beginner choreography class. I printed up some flyers, advertised on Facebook, and begged some people I knew to give it a shot. I had about eight students in the technique class, and about five in the choreography class. I figured this would be a really fun, creative side-project for me, and I was excited to have some new people to dance with.

I continued to hold class in the little room for a few more months, where I gained a decent number of "regulars". So, by the time the wellness facility was ready, I opened registration up for a few classes- most of them sold out, and the studio capacity was around 20 students. That was an awesome feeling!

As my number of students grew, and as they grew individually, so did our needs. They needed more advanced classes and we needed more time in the schedule to offer them. Eventually, we moved out of our first "real" location into a studio on Front St. with Fine Arts Ballet (now Riverfront Performing Arts). 

Fast-forward another year, Annmarie Drake (owner of Riverfront Performing Arts) and I decided to look for a nicer, larger space and ended up with our current location on Chestnut Street. From there, I was really able to expand our offerings and we became more than just "classes with Violet". We added one instructor, than another, and another (and now we have 10)! We offer fusion belly dance, Fly Fusion®, conditioning and yoga, contemporary dance, and more. 

Along the way, I was hit with a ton of inspiration and began creating my own format of fusion belly dance group improvisation. I named it Fly Fusion®, and eventually trademarked it. We offer it in classes at the studio but also in a traveling workshop form. Fly Fusion® has now been taught in multiple cities at several dance studios. We also created an ONLINE belly dance studio

Life is real funny, eh? This whole journey started with one little invitation and has become something that I couldn't have predicted. I feel incredibly lucky, especially to be a part of the loving and supportive community that is Mankato.

My mission is to hold a comfortable space for women from all backgrounds to unwind, enjoy, find their people, and express themselves. And if I can make some epic belly dancers along the way, then I've really done alright.

Thanks for reading!

Satori Violet has helped me rediscover me! Life happens, and as women we often devote all of ourselves to the good of our families, our work, or whatever it may be. At Satori Violet I am able to let all of that take a back seat and take time for myself in an environment that embraces and encourages anyone who walks through the door.
— Suzanne R.


  • Laughter

  • Community

  • Unique people

  • Sweet dance moves

  • A variety of class styles

  • Fun performance opportunities

  • Dancers of all sizes, ages, and levels