Only at Satori Violet: Fly Fusion®

Beautiful things happen when we strengthen our ability to communicate non-verbally.

Fly Fusion® is an example of that; an intricate group improvisation dance language created by Satori Violet, comprised of combinations and movements based in fusion belly dance. Experience strength, confidence, solidarity, and a unique performance every single time.

In early 2013 while studying different methods of group improvisation in dance, Violet Kind was overwhelmed with a wave of creativity (the kind that comes at 1000mph and doesn’t let you sleep at night or go to dinner without a notepad), which led to the birth of her own dance language. She was lucky enough at the time to have a group of willing guinea pigs, or… shall we say, students, who were enthusiastic about adding to their dance repertoire. The dance caught on immediately and has been steadily evolving ever since.

“I have been studying belly dance for 14 years and have practiced Egyptian, Turkish, Lebanese, Folkloric, Tribal Fusion, Steampunk and American Tribal Style®. Fly Fusion is by far the most fun I have ever had dancing. Violet’s creative combinations that populate the Fly Fusion improvisational vocabulary are clever and sassy. I am thrilled to be learning to Fly with Violet’s Fly Fusion.” -Terri Allred, Owner of the Belly Dance Business Academy and Producer of ATS® Reunion (formerly ATS® Homecoming), Owner of Third Eye Tribal

– Summer 2017 Fly Fusion® Workshop Events-

May 5th-7th, 2017
The Art of Fly Fusion®: Mini-Intensive – SOLD OUT
Located at Great River Arts in Little Falls, MN
More information here

June 11th, 2017
Fly Fusion® Foundation Laboratory
Located at Satori Violet in Mankato, MN
More information here

August 7th-11th, 2017
Fly Fusion® Summer Camp
Located at Satori Violet in Mankato, MN
More information here

Regular Fly Fusion® classes held all year round at Satori Violet Belly Dance. Class registration can be found here.

Fly Fusion® in the classroom:


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