Fly Fusion® – A fresh format for structured group improv!

Fly Fusion® is a fresh format for fusion belly dance group improvisation featuring strange shapes, crazy combos, and musicality challenges. The language was birthed by Violet Kind, but just like anything born into this world, it has influences from lots of awesome people.

This dance format is perfect for dancers who already have experience in the fundamental movements of belly dance. Fly has intricate rules and formations to help create a cohesive and seemingly-choreographed but unique performance every time. We embrace a philosophy of positivity, growth, community, and enjoyment. We aim to challenge your dancer brain and put the “FUN” in FrUstratioN!

“I have been studying belly dance for 14 years and have practiced Egyptian, Turkish, Lebanese, Folkloric, Tribal Fusion, Steampunk and American Tribal Style®. Fly Fusion is by far the most fun I have ever had dancing. Violet’s creative combinations that populate the Fly Fusion improvisational vocabulary are clever and sassy. I am thrilled to be learning to Fly with Violet’s Fly Fusion.” -Terri Allred, Owner of the Belly Dance Business Academy and Producer of ATS® Reunion

We can’t keep all the fun to ourselves, so we’re making this available everywhere! Our online studio is set to be released in June of 2018 (for more about that, click here to sign up for our newsletter)! We also travel to teach workshops and perform, so please let us know if you’d like to bring Fly to your studio!

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