Wise Women

Wise Women


Class Type: Dance & Yoga
For: Beginners

Join a community of friendly, wise women for gentle belly dance and yoga on Saturday mornings! How do we live to “A Hundred and One”? Keep moving! whether you are thinking about starting to dance as an adult or have loved to dance since you were a child, this medium brings out a unique bond with our own bodies and our connection to others. Begins September 15th!


This Fall we will meet five more awesome women from the book “I Will Dance ’til a Hundred and One! Communal Wisdom on Dancing as We Age” by Janine Turner, LCSW. (title of book and author is also in italics) These women range in age from 31-98 who dance simply for the joy of it. We will also look at specific yoga poses that help keep aging muscles limber, ease backache, stretch the hip flexors, while also taking care of our knees… Once our bodies are warmed-up, we will enjoy basic belly dance moves and combos of those moves! We have a lot of fun in this class… every level is welcome! Plus many of us typically go out after class for breakfast and/or coffee/tea! Every other Saturday at 9am. We’d love to have you join us.