Thematic Bellydance with Stacey

Thematic Bellydance with Stacey

from 20.00

Sunday, July 21st 10:30a-12:30p
with Stacey McPartlin at Satori Violet

This is my absolute favourite type of bellydance, I love to tell a story and bring my audience on a journey. In short, thematic bellydance to me is the act of creating belly dance compositions around a story/narrative or pantomime with the dancer using various props, lighting or staging to enhance the interpretation.

In our Thematic Bellydance workshop, we will look at frameworks, ways of portraying narratives, conflicts and resolutions through non verbal communication (i.e. Bellydance) and the use of props, lighting and staging to tell your story. This is a collaborative workshop which will have some technique based on emotive expression in the body.

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