Serving FACE! with Stacey

Serving FACE! with Stacey

from 20.00

Saturday, July 20th from 1:00-3:00p
with Stacey McPartlin at Satori Violet

Our face is like a projector – It shows the world what's going on inside. We all have a performance face, some tend to smile throughout, others like to keep it sultry. But what if you want to show more versatility in your face? Our bodies, can do it but when it comes to our expressive centre (the face) it can be our insecurities that hold us back from really letting the world see what's really going on behind our eyes.

In Serving Face, we will look at the 7 most universal facial emotions, look at techniques to regulating emotion / calling on the emotion when needed for the purposes of performance, work on our ability to understand expressions as part of nonverbal communication and open our hearts to being vulnerable on stage. We will practice combinations designed to maximize not only the emotional intend in the body but to focus on our facial expressions as our lead communicator in bellydance.

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