Datura Style with Stacey and Charlotte

Datura Style with Stacey and Charlotte

from 20.00

Saturday, July 20th from 3:30-5:30p
with Stacey and Charlotte at Satori Violet

Stacey and Charlotte are both Certified Practitioners and Teachers of Datura Style. Learn the Pelvic Lock Study and some Datura combinations!

The Datura Style has emerged from Rachel Brice’s study, practice, and career as a dancer: After working as as a cabaret-style belly dancer in Arabic nightclubs (performing improvisationally to live music) for over a decade, she obtained a degree in Dance Ethnology and shortly after, founded The Indigo Belly Dance Company. The Indigo choreographed and toured internationally with Bellydance Superstars for 5 years. None of her work would have been possible without the dedication and innovation of the many dancers that came before her, therefore it's impossible to describe this style without acknowledging its roots. - From Rachel Brice’s website

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