Belly Basics

with Abby
Mondays 6:00-7:00p

THE QUINTESSENTIAL BEGINNER CLASS! You’ve never taken a dance class… in your life? Okay! You’ve taken some dance but never belly dance? Okay! You’ve taken some belly dance classes but you want to solidify the foundation technique? Okay!

What we’re trying to say is: This is your class! Join dancers (and people who would never use that word to describe themselves) for a hilariously fun journey into the world of belly dance! All shapes n’ sizes, ages 10-100, you name it… we’ve probably seen it here. So, bring a friend (or don’t and come make new ones!) and let’s dance!

Oh yeah, and come barefoot! Or at least wear shoes to the studio and then take them off upon arriving. ;) Wear anything you’re comfortable working out in! Yoga pants? Sweatpants? Something fancy? You do you!

8 weeks for $80
Session begins on Monday, January 21st!


with Abby
Mondays 8:30-9:30p

Rhythm… do you have it? Do you want it? Do you CRAVE IT?!

This class has the answer to all of those questions! From tapping, to clapping, to stomping, to snapping, to choreography, to… what is that object? Does it make noise? We will play rhythms, we will dance to rhythms. Who knows, maybe we will make up our own rhythms! This is for anyone who has the need to feel or hear a beat!

If you ever find yourself struggling to find rhythm in a song, want more practice with it, or simply want more of it, this is the class for you! It will also be beneficial to you as a dancer as you will have better rhythm, counting, and tempo while practicing and performing! It is open to any one and all levels!

Sound-making equipment may be required!

8 weeks for $80
Session begins on Monday, January 21st!

Wise Women Dance & Yoga

with Barbara
Every-other Saturday, 9:00-10:15a

“What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.” - Jane Goodall

“The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me.” - Ayn Rand

Knock out any winter blues by focusing on the wisdom of some really badass women! Follow that with some gentle yoga to safely stretch and strengthen those joints and muscles that may need to recuperate from all the holiday fun. Then we get our belly dance on! All basic moves, easy, fun and we laugh a lot!Join us for four classes in this session from 9:00-10:15a, every-other Saturday beginning January 26th!

Register for four 75 minutes classes for $50 or drop in for $17!

Performing Groups: Cynefin and The Bleuebellatrix Project

We have two stellar performance groups at Satori Violet and we’d love to have you dance with us! Here’s how they work:

Every year, we reincarnate. Our dance season runs January through November. At the end of our dance season, interested dancers will receive homework assignments from the leader of the group they are applying for. Homework assignments are due before the beginning of the year. Upon completion, group leaders will communicate with those who successfully completed their homework assignments about next steps and how to get involved!

Cynefin is our newest addition at Satori Violet and it’s led by longtime instructor, Blair McLaughlin. This is the perfect group for those interested in performing simply for the fun of it! Cynefin members are required to be enrolled in Program 1 or Program 2 at Satori Violet. We also suggest (although it is not required) enrollment in a Fly Fusion® class at Satori Violet since Cynefin does perform some of the Fly Fusion® format at events.

We also highly recommend spending at least a year with Cynefin prior to jumping into our other group, which is…

The Bleuebellatrix Project (TBP)
Led by studio-owner, Violet Kind, this group takes performing and choreography to a whole new level. Group members should be extremely open-minded and willing to be frustrated (AKA willing to grow!!) and most importantly: SUPER dedicated to dance performance and taking it seriously.

TBP has four annual intensives; one dance learned per intensive. The commitment is much higher in this group as this group has many gigs and fellow group members who want to push their dance to the next level. Members will take intensives and also attend a weekly 15-minute rehearsal on Wednesday nights. TBP members are required to be in either Program 2 or 3 as well as enrolled in Fly Fusion® at Satori Violet.