How this amazing Satori Violet instructor went from “I never thought I could dance” to performing and teaching!

Blair got her start in belly dance at Satori Violet when she was exposed to some friendly “peer pressure” to take Belly Dance 101 with some friends. She said she was so nervous her first class, she had never taken a dance class before in her life and thought dance just “wasn’t for her.” But, Blair said that as she stepped into class a nervous wreck she found the teacher was welcoming and the whole experience was very chill and relaxing. And to her own surprise, she had an absolute blast!

Now Blair has taken dozens of classes and even started teaching and is the current Belly Dance 101 and 201 teacher for Satori Violet. As we chatted with Blair, it was clear that belly dance had some amazing effects for Blair that went beyond learning a dance routine… things that Blair called, “happy side effects.” Here are Blair’s happy side effects of belly dance (ps. they could be yours, too!)…

Happy side effect #1: Confidence

Blair said she never thought she could dance, but once she got her start in Belly Dance 101 she loved how it felt to move her body in new ways, and even though she wasn’t trying, she began to notice she had developed healthier approach to looking and caring for her body, found she had lost some weight (happy surprise, but not expected at all!), and started to see curves in her body she hadn’t seen before. After a few class sessions, Blair felt so good that she was able to overcome some serious stage fright and perform in a student showcase. Blair said the experience was such a huge accomplishment (and a relief!) that she couldn’t wait to perform more! Now she regularly performs with Satori Violet’s belly dance performing troupe the Bleuebellatrix Project.

Some other Blair belly dance confidence highlights:

1. Before belly dance: No tank tops for Blair.
After belly dance: Tank tops ALL. THE. TIME.

2. Before belly dance: The world need not see my midsection.
After belly dance: Proudly wearing “tiger stripes” on her belly in performances.

3. Before belly dance: Not too much self-confidence.
After belly dance: So much more self-assurance and self-love.

Happy side effect #2: Friends

One of the very first things Blair shared with was that amazing community at Satori Violet was one of the very first things that put her at ease walking into that first Belly Dance 101 class. She has since made many dear friends through class mates and students at Satori Violet. Since her start, Blair has become an integral part of this inclusive and friendly community.

Blair has this unique and beautiful approach and energy to belly dance that is part, “learn to laugh at yourself, it’s healthy,” and part, “love your self so fiercely that no one else has a chance to do any different.” Although she was hesitant to begin teaching after shadow teaching with Violet, she has blossomed as an amazing and confident instructor.

Blair said that she loves seeing students around town and be able to have this fun connection through belly dance. She says she admires her students dedication to attending class and their commitment to going for it even though it can feel weird or silly. Blair she says she can’t wait to meet her new 101 students this Fall.

Happy side effect #3: So much freaking fun!

One of the other big highlights of Blair’s belly dance adventure is fun! The advice she gives to anyone who is thinking of Belly Dance 101: be ready to laugh! She says that at Satori Violet students are encouraged to be light hearted, playful, to have fun. So each class you get a fun sweaty workout without even realizing it.

So there you have it. Blair’s happy side effects of belly dance: Confidence, Friends, and Fun. And just for a little extra boost of fun, here are a few quick Blair facts…

Fun Blair facts:
-She is the only one in her immediate family with red (curly!) hair, everyone else has brown hair.
-She has one husband (Lee) & two red-headed kids (Morgan & Will)!
-Blair belongs to a craft swap group and is a very crafty person herself!
-Speaking of which… she knows how to embroider, knit, crochet, and just started wood burning!
-Favorite books (a few of them at least): Catcher in the Rye, Harry Potter, Wheel of Time, Craig Ferguson’s biography, Game of Thrones
-She is from Slyther-Puff House. Their mascot is a badger with a snake head.
-She loves to make (and wear!) belly dance costumes (who doesn’t love wearing pretty costumes?!)

For more Blair awesomeness, check out her blog, Pryder Danse, to learn more about how dance helped her get more out of life!

Blog post by the wonderful Betty Ann

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