Satori Violet

Satori Violet Belly Dance was born in 2011 when owner, Violet Kind, wanted to find some new dance partners and find a big creative outlet. What started as one woman teaching a couple weekly belly dancing classes to a dozen students, eventually turned into something much bigger than she could have anticipated.

It became a community of powerful and creative women. It became a safe place for self-expression. Satori Violet now hosts between 12-16 weekly dance and yoga classes, has seven instructors, and averages over 100 registrations per session.

Violet Kind

Violet Kind

Satori Violet Owner

Violet Kind is the creator of Satori Violet. Since her first years on earth, dance has been the most fun and free-flowing creative expression she’s experienced. In 2005, she began her first belly dance classes with instructor Anna Melzer and fell madly in-love with the dance form. Fusion belly dance provided a new canvas with limited restrictions and vibrant possibilities.

In 2011, after a few years of classes and dancing with a local performing troupe, she created Satori Violet in hopes of sharing her passion for belly dance with a wider audience and gaining a larger creative outlet. She has since taught in multiple locations and instructed hundreds of students. Her focus as a teacher is not only to educate, but to teach her students to enjoy the dance as much as she does.

Violet believes there is always more to learn and feels it’s her duty as both an instructor and performer to continue pursuing a dance education regularly from a variety of skilled dancers. To date, she has studied with many of the greats, such as: Rachel Brice, Zoe Jakes, Carolena Nericcio-Bolhman, Maria Hamer, Amy Sigil, Ashley Lopez, Sharon Kihara, Ashley Lopez, Olivia Kissel, and many more (while the list continues to grow)! Violet has completed Phase I and Phase II of Rachel Brice’s 8 Elements™ approach and will be attending Phase III in 2016. She is a 2014 graduate of Shannon Townsend’s Movement Utilizing Stage Emotives (M.U.S.E.) program.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What should I wear to class?

    Don’t worry, we don’t require any fancy dance-wear (but you are certainly welcome to wear some)! We suggest wearing something comfortable to move around in that won’t obstruct the view of your body so we can see if you are executing the moves properly. Yoga pants and a tank top are just fine. Hip scarves help to show movement in the hips, but they are not required.

  • Will I have to show my belly?

    Nope! We will never require it (but we certainly allow it). We want you to be comfortable in our classroom!

  • Do you have classes for someone who has never taken a dance class before?

    We sure do! Belly Dance 101 or Wise Women cater to students of all ranges of previous dance experience, including those without experience.

  • Do I have to register online?

    You can register over the phone with a card. If you would prefer registering in person by check, cash, or card, you are welcome to do that! Doors open 10 minutes before any class begins and remain open 10 minutes after the last class of the night. You may also call us at 507-382-1610 to set up an appointment time to come in.

  • How old (or young) do I need to be to take your classes?

    We have had students from age 10 through age 70 in our classes. Feel free to message us with any questions or concerns on this topic.

  • How soon before the class do I need to register?

    Registration will be open until the class is full. Our classes fill more quickly with each session, so we encourage you to register sooner than later!

For any additional questions or concerns, please give us a call, send an email, or drop by the studio sometime!

What Our Students Say



    I've never looked forward to exercise until now! Meeting such nice people and having fun all the while discovering muscles I never knew existed... I'm so very happy I get to do this!"

    Blair M.


    Satori Violet is an experience like none other. I have never been to a class such a fun and accepting environment. I look forward to coming to class each and every week. The instructors are kind and knowledgeable in their work. My fellow students are now my friends. Every week I leave class feeling confident and sexy. Through Satori Violet, I have learned to love my body!"

    Emily B.


    This is a great place to learn, dance, and meet other free spirited women. It is such an inviting and welcoming environment. All of the instructors are warm, real people who make each class a joy to attend. There is a variety of different classes available of different styles and skill levels. Plus, there is a great selection of fun, flashy clothing available, too!"

    Nicki M.


    "Satori Violet has shown me how to feel good about my body. I hated all my 'flaws' and 'imperfections' while moving and dancing but I quickly learned that those quirks are what make you YOU and they make you beautiful in your own way!"

    Abby D.


    "Satori Violet has helped me rediscover me! Life happens, and as women we often devote all of ourselves to the good of our families, our work, or whatever it may be. At Satori Violet I am able to let all of that take a back seat and take time for myself in an environment that embraces and encourages anyone who walks through the door."

    Suzanna R.