1. Enhances body awareness.

You already know how to dance in posture, but are you aware of which bones are stacked on each other? Can you FEEL it?

2. Pushes flexibility.
Want to make bigger movements, comfortably? Improving your range of motion is key, and yoga will give you the space to engage, stretch, and relax into your body. Ahhhhhhhhh.

3. Increases stamina.
Not only will yoga give you the power to push your physical and mental limits, but having a knowledge of short yoga sequences can give you instant access to a recharge and release in the middle of your dance practice.

4. Builds strength and bone density.
Are you frequenting the chiropractor? How ’bout that bottle of Ibuprofen? When’s the last time you held yourself in a plank? Yoga will get your blood flowing help give you muscle you need to support safe dancing. Your skeleton will thank you.

5. Improves balance.
And suddenly you can stand in relevé for hours! Okay, maybe not, but with a regular yoga practice, you should notice a hefty improvement in your equilibrium while shakin’ your groove-thang.

6. Focuses the mind.
This awareness will not only help you pick up choreography faster, but it will also help you have a more grounded performance. Those breathing exercises are no joke!

7. Feels good!
The more you yoga, the more you rock. What’s not to love?

What’s your favorite reason for doing yoga? The possibilities are endless, so leave a comment below!

See you on the mat!
xoxo Violet

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